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Buccal Fat Removal Cost

The cost for a buccal fat removal procedure is in the range of $2500 - $5,000. The cost differs from region to region; and depends up on the surgeon as well as the patient’s expectations. Being a cosmetic procedure, medical insurance companies do not cover its expenses; nevertheless, there are surgeons who accept a payment plan to cover the costs.

Top Hospitals for Buccal Fat Removal Surgery

• San Diego Cosmetic Surgery, La Jolla, California

• California Plastic Surgery Clinic, California

• Division of Plastic Surgery at Columbia University Medical Center, New York City

Another option to explore is having the surgery overseas at various medical tourism destinations, such as, Costa Rica, Mexico, India, Jordan, Turkey, and Thailand. These countries proffer buccal fat extraction at a small fraction of the cost charged in the United States. The surgeons and medical staff are unquestionably skilled and adept, the facilities made available are first-class, technology used is top-notch and the quality of surgical care provided is excellent.

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